Slanting – the Designer’s Cut

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Summer Slanting ScarfI thought that releasing my own version of a previously published design would be easy. Just put what I sent to Interweave into my own style sheet, use the photos I took before I mailed it off, tech edit, and boom, new pattern.

Well….I’ve realized something about myself. It’s not that simple to release my own version, but I think the extra effort is worth it.When I design, I am always leaving so many options to the side. Some of this is good – too much can be too much. But sometimes, these variations are just as exciting as the featured idea and the only reason they are not there is space and publishing convention. So when I re-released this pattern, I decide to include them.

My independent version of the Slanting Plaid Stole includes the original luxurious, large, toasty warm alpaca stole that Interweave Knits published in Fall 2010, while also offering a smaller, lighter, part silk scarf that is lovely for chilly summer nights and those pesky transitional seasons. I also have instructions on how to knit five different lace variations, which you can choose from or mix and match across the stole.

This means re-knitting the sample in new yarn to show the pattern’s possibilities, including more sizes, etc, and getting the pattern tested even though it’s already been edited and knit.

Right now its getting chillier and chillier, making me wish I had the big alpaca version back.

Slanting Plaid Stole

You may remember that the yarn for the stole was Suri Elegance from the Alpaca Yarn Company (a laceweight). For the scarf I worked with Yarn Love, who dyed me up some newly released yarn (Emma Woodhouse) in a gorgeous pink (Cranberry), one of her new colors for this summer and fall. If you aren’t familiar with her yarn, go look. I’ll wait.

One of the most exciting parts of this partnership, is that there will be kits! I have been hoping to start partnering with independent yarnies to offer kits, as they make such great gifts (for yourself or others), and it is nice to know that the yardage is just right, and the yarn is just right, and so on. She is having a very successful fall, so we don’t have the details hammered out just yet, but I think we’re both hoping to have it figured out in time for the gifting season.

You can visit the pattern catalog page for more information, or Add to Cart

Let me know what you think! A lot of my testers really enjoyed the smaller size, and the different lace variations. If you have questions, you can always stop by my group on Ravelry to ask, or contact me. If you’ve never done the sideways stitch before, check out the Sideways Stitch Tutorial I did last year.